Starting a business: lesson number 571


UGGG. Since day 1 of this company I have offered free shipping. Every post I make it known that there is free shipping. I've been open a few months, no sales, but lots of visitors(thank you). I start checking out my settings, and got to my delivery methods. 10 BUCKS!!! OOOOOOF!!! Kick to the stomach. To anyone that's visited the store, and maybe wanted to buy something, I am so sorry. I can not say that enough. I had no intention on misleading anyone, i just messed up. Plain and simple. I messed up. 

What a lesson that is to learn, and probably at an appropriate time to learn it. I stress to my children the importance of honesty. It's important to me that they know honesty is the best policy. It will go a long way with us as parents and others if they are honest. So here I am, starting a new business and I have lied to every one of my customers. My heart sunk when I figured that out. There I sat, a hypocrite and a liar. That did not sit well with me. As a man, one of the hardest things to do is admit when i messed up, intentionally or not. As a parent, I HAVE TO admit when I am wrong. As a business owner, I HAVE TO admit when I am wrong. Even though I still feel like a doofus, This MAN, PARENT, BUSINESS OWNER, I feel a lot better than I did a short time ago when I figured out this crazy mistake I made. My kids saw me looking like a ghost just passed in front of me, my wife saw my soul get squeezed, and my dogs could sense it. However, my kids saw me making it right, my wife saw me fix it, and my dogs are happily dreaming. This mistake, although very embarrassing was a great lesson to me as far as making sure my ducks are in a row, and to my family that pop pop messes up too, its how you handle it that matters. To all of you I thank you for your support, encouragement, and hopefully forgiveness.

God Bless

Brandon Adams