Can we all agree not to have Independence Day on a Wednesday for a few years? Talk about throwing off my game. Next time we need procedure. Like what day do we celebrate on? 

I will say though, we took full advantage of the weird day. We had friends and families over for a celebration in the forest. Just a bunch of chilling and grilling.  There was stuff going on all day. People coming, people going. The heroigrill got its first use since converting it to charcoal. By “converting” I mean the burners fell off so I had no choice, the people gotta eat! It was stinking hot though, to make it worse the pool was merely feet away taunting me. If the pool didn’t taunt me enough it was full of people having a blast. After finishing the grilling I ate a burger and got ready for the pool. A few minutes alone without random kid splashing was what the doctor ordered. Shorts on, shoes off, kids out of the pool, I’m ready to cool down. Into the pool I go, down comes the rain!!! Haha seriously? Ugh 😑 out of the pool I go. About an hour later the skies cleared and it was go time. By that time every was done eating and was ready for it again. Me, and 8 kids all of which had a blast! I have not heard so much child laughter for years, that right there was worth the wait. Laughter makes a happy heart. 

Speaking of blasts and happy hearts it was about time for fireworks. We live in a National forest, so there’s not a ton of room for the “big ones” but we got some good small ones for the kids. All day they asked for fireworks, and pop pop delivered at dusk. Those kids were worn out but still ready to roll at bedtime. 

At the end of the day I went to bed feeling a bit *cough cough* heroic. It may have been on a weird day, with a bit of weird weather, but I think this might’ve been the best Independence Day since 1776. 

What made your week heroic? 

Until next time 

pop pop